Types of massages

1. Classical - traditional massage to relax muscles, nervous system and balance life flows.

2. Energizing - Refreshing and energizing massage, which rejuvenates, stimulates vitality and energy flows in the body.

3. Classical massage with reflexology - (Classic massage combined with foot massage.) Foot massage is one of the most effective methods that helps to clear toxins, relieves muscle tension, stimulates energy flows and calms the nervous system. Leads to better health and balance. By stimulating certain points on the feet, various organs in the body are activated, meridians are activated and the nervous system is relaxed.

4. Suction cups - Massage with suction cups has the following effects: Improves immunity and overall body tone. Removes toxins and relieves pain, has an anti-cellulite effect. After the suction cups you will feel energized and vibrant. Drinking water is recommended.

5. Relaxing - Calms the body and nervous system from tightness and tension. Improves blood circulation. Helps to effectively rest, relax, and regenerate. Restores calm.

6. Classical Plus - Classic massage including some techniques from other types of massages (Hawaiian, shiatsu) - according to the case, the individual characteristics and needs of each client.

7. Anti-cellulite 3-level therapy - massage, oil, gel