Bobby Krumov - our kinesitherapist is  certified chiropractor based on the concept of Brian Mulligan.

By visiting the physiotherapy office, you can get help in connection with sudden injuries or in chronic and delayed complaints caused by sports injuries or other circumstances.

At the first visit to the kinesitherapy office, you will be given a detailed analysis and assessment of the musculoskeletal system, and subsequently of the specific complaint or trauma. In addition to the analysis conducted by the therapist, you will be asked questions related to daily activities, the level of physical activity and the desired degree of recovery, thus setting short-term and long-term goals of your work with the physiotherapist. Based on the information received, the physiotherapist will select various tools, which most often include manual techniques and the preparation of a completely personal set of exercises to correct movements and affect strength, motor control and range of motion.

In many cases, you will be provided with exercises to perform in your spare time to help you recover faster and more sustainably.

What can be offered to you in the kinesitherapy office:

 - Examination and diagnosis of complaints related to trauma and chronic pain

 - Preparation of individual therapeutic for self-implementation

 - Manual therapy - based on the concept of Brian Mulligan

 - Consultation of active athletes and professional athletes - monitoring the training process and injury prevention

 - Taping means - classic and kinesiological tape for correction and influencing the position of joints and soft tissues

- Preoperative and postoperative kinesitherapy - recovery of injuries and restoration of function